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Help Us Move Our Vision Forward

As we expand our vision, we need people like you to help us reach our goals of helping others.


We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and all donations are tax deductible within the guidelines of the U.S. law. Our EIN is 85-1891280.

How We Plan to Help


  • To connect individuals and families who have suffered acts of violence and discrimination with compassionate and caring people to support and mentor them through the healing processes

  • To connect individuals and families who have suffered violence or discrimination with information, support groups, counseling services, financial resources, and other resources to assist them in their area of concern

  • To connect individuals in potentially violent situations with outreach professionals who can guide them toward preventative measures to reduce the risk of harm.

  • To partner with local businesses, organizations, schools/universities, and foundations to affect change in our communities

  • To partner with donors who want to take a stand against crimes of violence and discrimination and secure donations to carry out the mission of our organization.

  • To partner with victims and advocates to create a community that is welcoming and healing and provides a sense of belonging.

  • To provide extensive resources related to Crimes of Violence and Discrimination, and ensure that there is one centralized resource on which to depend for all associated information.

  • To provide a platform for those who have experienced acts of violence and discrimination to share their stories and experiences

  • To provide educational scholarships and financial assistance to children who have lost a parent through acts of violence

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