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As we expand our vision, we need people like you to help us reach our goals for our youth.

“Hope is what you do not see, but you trust its direction. Dreams are the paths that drive you forward. Your future is where they both meet.” 

~ Marvel Jones

We believe it is imperative to set up a long term plan for the recovery and support of children whose parents were lost to violence. After funerals and memorials have taken place, and people go back to their lives, children are often lost in the shuffle. The bright future for which their parents hoped is lost in the absence of the parent, because the children do not receive long term help with healing. We find this particularly true for children ages 5-8. Teenagers specifically suffer as well because they are close to adulthood and yet do not have help with planning and goal setting beyond their loss. Our mission is to not allow any child to slip through the cracks after their parent or parents have been laid to rest. We are PASSIONATE about ensuring that they feel hope for the future and that they have the resources to make their dreams come true!



STOP COVAD will provide mentorship opportunities to partner children who have been deeply affected by acts of violence with organizations that will help them create a vision for their future.  We are in need of male and female mentors for youth ages 8-16.  If you have a mentoring organization, please contact us at


Dedicated to children who have lost a parent or guardian to acts of violence. This scholarship will be gifted to a senior high school student to help supplement the educational costs to pursue a formal education.

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