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2022 Men's Suicide Statistics | 2023 Mental Health Event in Denver, CO

On February 24, 2024, STOP COVAD (Crimes of Violence and Discrimination) will host a 4-hour workshop designed to address the issues men face with mental health. It is an immersive session that will help men deal with:

1. Trauma: From Hurt to Hope - Empowerment After Adversity.

2. The Starting Point: Understanding the POWER of Therapy.

3. Wellness Unleashed: Building A Physically Stronger You.

4. Emotional Resilience: Weathering Life’s Storms. Pain, Hurt, Anger, Loss.

This is not just for men who "appear" to be 'struggling." This event is for ALL men, many of whom are enduring their mental health battle in secret.

Sign up AND invite a friend! A sense of camaraderie is immensely helpful when one feels alone. Your friend might not have the courage to sign up on his own.

Our last men's event was a big success and the feedback from the men was, "This was great! When is the next one?!" They left feeling less alone and with tools to manage life going forward.

Expect a supportive and enlightening day, taking place at the Double Tree by Hilton in Aurora, CO.

Statistical Source: CNN Health

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