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Announcing Our Keynote Speaker: Tony Drees!

100 Men for Mental Health is the first of a 4-part series that will address topics that affect men’s mental, physical, and emotional health. STOP COVAD is hosting this in-person event on October 21st, and we are THRILLED TO ANNOUNCE that Tony Drees is our KEYNOTE SPEAKER!!!

Tony is a 'transition expert' and motivational speaker. He has experienced many traumatic episodes throughout his life. His award winning documentary, “One For All,” helps men engage in meaningful conversations around traumas related to childhood. Such as rejection, abuse, PTSD, relationships and much more.

Tony’s 3 Rules are: NO LIES, NO EXCUSES, and NEVER QUIT.

We hope this event will encourage men to embrace transparency, accountability and resilience around mental health. We ask that every man bring a man to the event, because men typically have a very difficult time asking for help.

You do not want to miss this opportunity to hear TONY DREES SPEAK! His story is incredible, and he will truly inspire you!

For more information about Tony Drees:

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