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"Match Energy." Agree or Disagree?

While it may be enticing to adopt a trend that gives you a false sense of power and control, it is imperative to realize that this mindset is immensely destructive.

It pulls you out of your power as a grounded, peaceful, and mature person. It drags you into an identity that is based on aggression and retaliation. It can cause you to compromise your normal morals and values. Truly powerful people do not feel the need to match energy in order to make their strength known. They can stand in it with confidence, acting upon their moral code rather than reacting to instigation or resorting to retaliation.

As an organization, we are committed to helping end acts of violence and discrimination. We implore you to consider how destructive matching energy is in the world right now. Right now, aggression is being met with aggression, and entire populations are being affected.

Stand strong and use your moral compass to determine your behavior.

Skip the “matching energy” trend, and focus on staying true to yourself!

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