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New Board Member! Juan Medina x STOP COVAD

We are thrilled to announce that we have a NEW Advisory Board member! Meet Juan P Medina. He has joined forces with us to help stop crimes of violence and discrimination! Here are some fun facts about Juan:

❤️Name: Juan Medina

❤️Spouse / children - names: Abigail (Abby)

❤️Occupation: VP, Financial Sales Manager at First Citizens Bank

❤️Years lived in Colorado: 3 years

❤️Words to live by: “A positive outlook will bring great success.”

❤️Why are you on the board of SC - how did it come about? I am on the board because I deeply care about others and how we present ourselves. I came about the organization via Ms. Earnestine Woodberry and was later connected with Ms. Marvel.             

❤️Why are you passionate about the STOP COVAD mission? I have seen/experienced crimes of hate against others, and I feel it is my responsibility to help others become better humans.

❤️Which of our 3 pillars are you most excited about? Connecting people, establishing partnerships, or providing resources? The three of them are very important to me and carry the same level of excitement.

Thank you, Juan, for joining our board. We know your presence will have a powerful impact!


❤️🖤 Follow STOPCOVAD on Instagram here:

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