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Team Member Spotlight: Meet MeMe Harris!

Allow us to introduce ourselves! Meet Meme Harris - Board Member at STOPCOVAD (Crimes of Violence & Discrimination!)


Tamisha “MeMe” Harris

❤️Spouse / children - names:

Clarence “Clay”Harris - husband of 25 years, Derron Harris - son, Aspen Harris - daughter

❤️Occupation: Hair Stylist for 27years

❤️Years lived in Colorado:

49 years

❤️Words to live by: “It’s ok NOT to feel like it. It’s all part of healing. It’s YOUR process.”

❤️Why are you on the board of SC - how did it come about? Marvel (founder of STOP COVAD) is my mom. Stephen is my brother, and CoCoa is our sister, who we lost to an act of violence. (I love her with every ounce of my being.) Mom, Stephen, and I decided that we will turn our tragedy into triumph by helping others in the midst of our pain.

❤️Why are you passionate about the STOP COVAD mission? I believe in the mission of connecting, partnering and providing. I believe in the cause of supporting others that are impacted and affected by violence and discrimination of all types. I feel that it is important to help and support others in the midst of their pain.

❤️Which of our 3 pillars are you most excited about? Connecting people, establishing partnerships, or providing resources? They all go hand in hand. To me it’s about relationships. It is important that people have strong, solid and supportive relationships!

Thank you, Meme, for the power, grace, joy, and determination you bring to the STOP COVAD mission! You inspire us all!

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